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Thank you so much to all the students who came and performed at the concert on Sunday.

You all played exceptionally well.

I can't believe 140 people came to watch in the end, what a fantastic turn out.

We also raised just over £300 for Cancer Research UK.

Please have a look at this link.

For those of you that couldn't make it, I have a short video clip of me playing a tune or two at this link. 

Please see below for the results of the raffle.

Here is the link to the recording of the live prize draw. 

1st Prize - Night's stay at Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth

Joel Smith 

2nd Prize - One free piano lesson

Annabella Tooke

3rd Prize - One bottle of red wine

Harry Jacks

4th Prize - One box of handmade Belgian chocolates by my Father in law.

Jesper Bovingdon

5th Prize - One tin of Quality Street

Annabella Tooke

6th Prize - One bottle of bubbly

Toby Ma

7th Prize - One tin of luxury biscuits

Andrew Paul

8th Prize - The Chris Hill CD, Piano Years

Harry Jacks