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April 2020

Online lessons are going really well. Thanks everyone for being so flexible and understanding in this time. No news about summer exams yet.

March 2020

I am forty again this month. Keep safe everyone.

February 2020

Here we go again with exams. Good luck everyone.

January 2020

Happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting a few new students who have signed up.

2019 Archive

December 2019 – Well done everyone at the concert. Now time for some lovely carols.

November 2019 – So excited for my student concert on November 17th. All profits will go to charity and it was so lovely last year and even more popular this year. Thanks Joan for giving us a special rate at Tincleton Art Gallery which is a lovely venue.

October 2019 – Here we go again with exams. 27 this time including jazz and theory. Good luck everyone with your practice

September 2019 – What a lovely summer. Lot’s of adventures with the children and some nice walks around Dorset and Devon. Refreshed and ready for the new school year!

August 2019 – Looking forward to playing for my students wedding. Also very excited to visit Stowe School.

July 2019 – Some incredible results again. Six distinctions, ten merits and three passes.

June 2019 – ABRSM dates are in Good luck everyone.

May 2019 – Looking forward to a couple of weddings this month. Am also enjoying my new Chopin Nocturnes book. Some beautiful pieces in there.

April 2019 – Some amazing results again including a 137! Well done everyone. Happy Easter.

March 2019 – 12 exams coming up. Good luck everyone.

February 2019 – Lovely to see some students showing a real interest in music theory. Good luck in your theory exams.

January 2019 – Saturday’s are now open for lessons. I have already sold a few slots in the morning and the afternoon however so do get in touch if you would like a free trial lesson.

2018 Archive

December 2018 – Loving all the carols and Christmas compositions. Have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

November 2018 – Some fantastic results again including distinction at Grade 3 Jazz.

October 2018 – Here we go again. Exams are upon us. Good luck everybody. Some lovely jazz going on currently.

September 2018 – I am delighted to say that I have now opened up Saturdays for lessons. Please get in touch if you are interested.

August 2018 – Thanks to Tom and Katie for asking me to play at their wedding. A lovely day, have a great honeymoon.

July 2018 – Some lovely performances in assembly this week and it’s always lovely to give students their certificates. Some outstanding results again. Five distinctions, Eight merits and Five passes.

June 2018 – Very excited to start the summer exams. Over twenty students this time including both classical and jazz. Good luck everyone.

May 2018 – Summer concert is booked for July 15th. Very excited to host my first student concert in Dorset at the Tincleton Art Gallery.

April 2018 – Some incredible results. Including a 30/30 for a piece. So pleased.

March 2018 – Spring exams are upon us. Good luck everyone.

February 2018 – Well done to Isabella and her her music scholarship acceptance.

January 2018 – Happy New Year everyone Very excited about my new job at a school in Dorchester starting next week. Can’t wait to meet you all.

2017 Archive

December 2017 – Distinctions and Merits again. Well done everyone. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

November 2017 – Here comes the Christmas music. Fine with me as my children put on a Christmas CD everyday. Piano Time Carols is a nice book.

October 2017 – Exam time again. Off we go. Good luck everybody. Loving the jazz solo’s at the moment.

September 2017 – Very excited to meet my ten new students. Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I will see you all soon.

August 2017 – Looking forward to playing at a few weddings this month. Fingers crossed for the weather.

July 2017 – Wow. 5 distinctions with a high of 138, 2 merits and 2 passes. Well done everyone.

June 2017 – Really enjoyed my gig at the Kingston Maurward Country Show. What a lovely day. So nice to see so many people there too.

May 2017 – Delighted again with recent exam results. Looking forward to starting my new job at a school in Dorset this week.

April 2017 – Happy Easter to everyone. My promotion for two free lessons will run until the end of the month.

March 2017 – Spring exams here we come. Good luck everybody.

February 2017 – Welcome aboard to my new students. Very excited to be teaching some proper jazz I must say. Absolutely thrilled about my new piano teaching job at St Mary’s School also.

January 2017 – Happy new year everyone. I hope you have been practicing a bit at least. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon and delivering the ABRSM certificates from winter. The highest score this time was 137 which is absolutely superb.

2016 Archive

December 2016 – Really enjoying my students and their mini Christmas concerts. Very creative indeed. Get in touch if you are interested in lessons as I only have three spaces left now.

November 2016 – Delighted to announce the birth of our baby daughter Isabella. Also delighted to back to my teaching after a few weeks off. Six exams and a student piano concert to get stuck in to. Fantastic.

October 2016 – Looking forward to playing at Kingston Maurward this month. Also hoping to make the new promo video for my jazz duo with Jodie who is superb.

September 2016 – After a lovely few weeks exploring many local attractions with my family. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in my studio again this week. I do have a couple of open spaces for new students, so get in touch if you are interested for your free trial lesson.

August 2016 – Looking forward to this years student concert. Have just booked the venue and am excited about some wonderful performances once again.

July 2016 – Oh yes! 8 exams. 3 Distinctions and 5 merits. Oh yes! Some wonderful comments with a top score of 136. Well done everybody.

July 2016 – A very busy month ahead. Four weddings and nine exams to look forward to. Will post the exam results later. Good luck everyone.

June 2016 – Looking forward very much to playing at Kingston Maurward on June 12th for their summer show. Come along and say hello.

May 2016 – Welcome aboard to all of my new students. A mixture of ages and skill level. I look forward to getting to you know all much better over the next few months.

April 2016 – Well done to my students and their spring exams. Only three in total, but two distinctions and a merit. Fantastic!

March 2016 – Welcome aboard to Bernard. Beginning to learn the piano at 88 years old. Fantastic.

February 2016 – Welcome to my new students who joined in January. Looking forward to getting to you know you all better.

January 2016

My new studio is ready. Includes a space for parents to sit, a nespresso machine and free wi-fi. Very excited indeed to start using it.

Happy new year everybody.

2015 Archive

December 2015 – My new teaching studio is almost ready. Will be around three times larger than the current one, will include a small recording desk, will have wifi and a sofa for any parents that want to stay during their childs lesson. Photo to follow soon. This will be open from January 2016.

November 2015 – Thank you so much to all of the students who played at the student concert this year. Twenty of you played to an audience of 100 people. We also managed to raise £140 for Cancer Research UK. There was some beautiful playing and I look forward to organising another concert next year.

October 2015 – Another exam period is upon us. Four entries this time. Let’s keep the practice levels high and achieve some more wonderful results.

September 2015 – Looking forward very much to a new school year. There are a few places for lessons available during the early part of the week. Please get in touch if you are interested.

August 2015 – Well done to my students and their piano exams. 3 Merits and 3 Distinctions with one score of 140! Some wonderful comments too.

July 2015 – Six students have their exams this month. Good luck to you all of you. You are ready.

June 2015 – Looking forward to the start of Wedding Season. I have six weddings booked for this summer. I hope all the final preperations are going well and look forward to seeing you soon.

May 2015 – Enjoyed my classical concert in London last weekend. Not my usual style but I really enjoyed the practice. A really lovely audience too.

April 2015 – Some absolutely superb scores and results. Eight students had their ABRSM piano exams in March, and between them, there were three distinctions, four merits and one pass. Brilliant scores and some lovely comments. Well done to everybody.

March 2015 – Good luck to my eight students who have their ABRSM exams this month.

February 2015 – A great start to the new year with some promising new students. Well done to Anna also who achieved a A* in her GCSE music practical on the piano.

January 2015 – There are a couple of spaces open for piano lessons, so do get in touch if you are interested.